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W. S. Merwin
W. S. 默温

W. S. Merwin (1927-2019) was a very prolific American poet who served as the 17th US Poet Laureate, and his many awards include Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (twice), National Book Award, and the Tanning Prize, etc.

W. S. 默温(1927-2019)是一位非常多产的诗人,17届美国桂冠诗人。他所获奖项包括普利策诗歌奖(两次)、国家图书奖以及美国诗歌协会的坦宁奖等。


Fan Jun


Fan Jun was born in Fujian Province. She is a poet and a translator. Engaged in English teaching, multilingual literature translation and research. She has translated Nietzsche's Essays and Records of White Night, and a series of poetry works. She lives in Qingdao.

When You Go Away


When you go away the wind clicks around to the north The painters work all day but at sundown the paint falls Showing the black walls The clock goes back to striking the same hour That has no place in the years And at night wrapped in the bed of ashes In one breath I wake It is the time when the beards of the dead get their growth I remember that I am falling That I am the reason And that my words are the garment of what I shall never be Like the tucked sleeve of a one-armed boy


你离去时的风呼啸着奔向北方 油漆工整日工作但油漆在日暮时掉落 黑色的墙壁显现 时钟返回去敲响,同一个 这么些年里空荡的时辰 夜晚裹在灰烬的床上 在一次困难呼吸中醒来, 这正是死者们的须发徒长的时刻 我记得我在坠落 而我正是缘由 我的言语是我永远不会成为的那件外衣 像一个独臂男孩卷起的袖子


I am looking at trees they may be one of the things I will miss most from the earth though many of the ones I have seen already I cannot remember and though I seldom embrace the ones I see and have never been able to speak with one I listen to them tenderly their names have never touched them they have stood round my sleep and when it was forbidden to climb them they have carried me in their branches


我在观看树 它们可能是这地球上 我最想念的东西之一 虽然我遇见过众多 现在也大多记得 虽然我很少拥抱我所见过的它们 也从未与它们有过交流 但我会温柔倾听 它们的名字从未触动过它们 它们一直守护在我卧室的四周 当我被禁止攀爬 它们就用树枝托起我

December Night


The cold slope is standing in darkness But the south of the trees is dry to the touch The heavy limbs climb into the moonlight bearing feathers I came to watch these White plants older at night The oldest Come first to the ruins And I hear magpies kept awake by the moon The water flows through its Own fingers without end Tonight once more I find a single prayer and it is not for men.


斜坡寒冷立于黑暗中, 树的南面摸起来却是干燥的 重的树叶爬进长满羽毛的月光 我来看这些 白色的植物苍在夜晚 最老的 最先走向废墟 我听见喜鹊被月亮弄醒。 水自指间流个不停 今夜,再一次 我听到一个惟一的祈祷,而它与人类无关。

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