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Carol Moldaw

Carol Moldaw was born in Oakland, California. She received a BA from Harvard University in 1978 and an MA from Boston University in 1986. She is the author of Beauty Refracted (Four Way Books, 2018), So Late, So Soon: New and Collected Poems (Etruscan Press, 2010), The Lightning Field (Oberlin College Press, 2003), and Taken From the River (Alef Books, 1993). Moldaw is also the author of the novel The Widening (Etruscan Press, 2008). She has received a Pushcart Prize and fellowships from the Lannan Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. She has taught at Naropa University, the College of Santa Fe, and the University of Southern Maine, among others. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

卡罗尔·莫尔多(Carol Moldaw)的新诗集《折射的美》(Beauty Refracted)于2018年冬天由四方书社出版。她最近的作品是《来得如此迟,来得如此快:新诗和诗选》以及短篇小说《拓宽》。她还著有其他四本诗集,包括2002年获得菲尔德诗歌奖的《闪电的田野》。她的作品被翻译成土耳其语、汉语和葡萄牙语。莫尔多女士是兰南基金会(Lannan Foundation)的接收者,马尔法专业作家,NEA创意写作会员,曾获手推车奖,她的作品广泛发表在期刊上,包括AGNI、安提阿评论、波士顿评论、芝加哥评论、conjunction、丹佛季刊、FIELD、新共和、纽约客、巴黎评论、帕纳萨斯、threepany评论和Triquarterly。


Qi Yue Ye Zi


Qi yue Yezi is a bilingual poet, writer and translator. She is the assistant dean of BaoJi Classics Institute. She is a member of Translators Association of China and a member of ShanXi Writers Association. Her Chinese and English works have won numerous awards. She has published works in the major journals, including Workers' Daily, Journal Of Selected Poems, Poetry Tide. She is the author of book of poetry The Bright Morning Star, bilingual book of poetry The Spring Apple.

Visiting the River After Having Moved Away


The treads of my boot soles hard pack block print ideograms in the river mud. Which will outlast which: the melancholy of returning here or the pattern made from it?


我靴子底坚硬的后跟花纹 在河泥上印了一串串象形符号。 谁比谁更持久: 回到这里的忧伤 还是用它做的图案?

Dinner Guests


When wanting to walk, I circle the apple trees behind our house until suddenly done digging at gopher holes the dogs flop down, crumbs of earth clinging to their paws like cake. I might accelerate or change direction as I round a lap at the dilapidated barn. My repetitions have worn a path in the grass and now I follow the path I unconsciously made. I remind myself to look up at the mountain. The blossoms took me by surprise at first although the buds didn’t flower all at once but arrived like dinner guests, in lulls and bursts, each bearing similarly beribboned gifts the way guests used to, and now flocks of them are already drifting off in flurried gusts the way we tended to, when we were guests.


想散步时,我绕着房子后面的苹果树转 直到突然止步 狗儿们在地鼠洞里挖洞,扑通一声摔倒, 土屑像蛋糕一样粘在它们的爪子上。 在破旧的谷仓绕了一圈, 我可能会加速或改变方向。 反反复复,我在草地上踩出一条路 现在又不知不觉沿着这条路走。 我提醒自己抬眼望山 乍看这些花儿,让我惊奇 虽然花蕾没有一下子全部绽放 却像晚餐的客人,在平静和迸发中接踵而至, 每个人带着有丝带的礼物 用宾客惯用的方式,现在他们成群结队 在一阵飓风中飘走 当我们是客人时,我们往往也这样。

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