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Rufeng, member of China Writers Association. From 1986 she started to publish her works in many journals such as Poetry Journal, Star Poetry, Yangtze River Poetry Journal, Writer and Works. Some of her works have been translated into English, German, Kazakh and Uyghur. With three popular anthologies, she has won many awards, such as poetess of the year 2016 in the Poetry World, outstanding poet Newly Returned from Past, and top ten poets of the year in Modern Youth of China.


Fan Jun


Fan Jun was born in Fujian Province. She is a poet and a translator. Engaged in English teaching, multilingual literature translation and research. She has translated Nietzsche's Essays and Records of White Night, and a series of poetry works. She lives in Qingdao.


Middle Age Book

盛夏已过。 那些春天的花朵也早已落满山坡。 余生,我能给予你的 越来越少。 风吹人间。 可是,已经没有足够多的光阴让我们挥霍。 我开始节制地使用一些词语 就如同,小心翼翼避开玫瑰和它们的刺。 风吹人间。 我不再做梦,也不指望来世。 面对山川峡谷,也没有沧桑可言。 日子一天比一天宁静 一天比一天安详。 我不会在秋后的时光惶恐, 也不在即将到来的严冬里悲鸣, 现在的我,越来越低越来越低, 如平坦开阔的大地。


Summer is over. The flowers of spring have fallen all over the hillside For the rest of my life, what I can give you Less and less The wind is blowing on earth However, there is not enough time for us to squander I started to use some words in moderation Just like, carefully avoiding roses and their thorns The wind blows on the earth I no longer dream, nor do I expect an afterlife There are no vicissitudes to speak of when facing the mountains and valleys The days grow more peaceful every day Day by day it is more peaceful. I will not be terrified in the time after autumn nor do I mourn in the coming harsh winter Now I am getting lower and lower, lower and lower Like the flat, open ground.



野果林的杏花开了 花树下,提着裙角跑来的人,不是我 野百合顶冰而出 晨曦里,陪着它慢慢绽放的人,不是我 这世间,总有些芬芳不为人知 总有些秘密,静默如星辰 就像此刻 在那拉提以东,我隔着一场雨 遥望塔吾萨尼 在别处,把一棵草 喊做草原


The almond blossoms in the wild fruit forest are in bloom Under the flowering trees, the person running with her skirt is not me The wild lily comes out on top of the ice In the morning sun, I am not the one who slowly accompanies it to bloom In this world, there are always fragrances that are not known to others There are always secrets, silent as the stars Just like this moment East of Narathi, I am looking through a rain I'm looking at Tagusani from afar Elsewhere, I call a blade of grass Call it a grassland

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