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Tu Yingxue


Tu Yingxue, pseudonym Bing Meng, member of China Poems Association, member of China Poetry Association, member of China couplet Association, Vice President of Fujian Couplet Association and member of Fujian Writers Association. She has been fond of poems since childhood, part of her works have posted in Poem Journal, Star Poetry Journal, Young Writer, Chinese Poetry, Chinese Couplet Newspaper, Yalu River, Fujian Literature, Selected Poems of Chinese Formidable Poets, Chinese Misty Poetry 2017, Genesis (Taiwan), Round table Poetry (Hong Kong), etc. She published her personal poetry Bing Zhi Meng in 2012. And she was awarded the "Top Ten New Poets" in 2019 Chinese poetry Spring Festival Gala.


Chen Yixiao


Chen Yixiao, resides in Shanghai, graduated from University of Birmingham in 2013.


Waiting for You

这个时辰 等你 霞色就装满了整个天空 一只燕子雀跃地从心里飞出 在春风里翱翔 等你 窗台上的第一朵花就开了 花瓣上沁出一抹红晕 缤纷就漫上了所有的群山 一只小鹿奔跑在花海里 等你 江面上顿时波光潋滟 辉映着广袤的蓝天和余晖 鱼儿欢畅地穿梭着清冽 云帆直向沧海 等你,在时光里 情绪如山峦错落有致 在东边晴天和西边雨声里 在欢喜和忧伤的云朵间流动 也许 有的等待只是一种幻象 一种心境 一种理想 和那一次 湛蓝的初见


This moment Waiting for you The sunset glow fills the sky A swallow flew out of my heart soaring in the spring breeze Waiting for you The first flower on the windowsill opens A blush on the petals The color spreads over all the mountains A deer runs in the sea of flowers Waiting for you The surface of the river starts gleaming at once Reflecting the vast blue sky and sunset The fish happily shuttle through the chilly water Clouds sail toward the sea Waiting for you, in time Emotions are scattered but organized like mountains In the sunny day from the east and the sound of rain from the west Flowing among the the joy and sorrow of the clouds Maybe, some waiting is just an illusion a state of mind an ideal And the first meeting of the blue

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