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Wang Aihong


Wang Aihong was born in Anqiu City of Shandong Weifang. He published poetry anthologies August Cup, The Clear Moon, A Flying Flower, etc. He worked as either Editor in Chief or an Editor in Deng Xiaoping's Song, A Calligraphy Collection By Famous Contemporary Poets and Writers, etc. He is a member of Chinese Writers Association, Chinese Calligraphers Association and Chinese Artists Association.


Wang Shiyu

王诗予 出生在山东,成长在北京,现就读美国波士顿大学。少年时,爱好绘画,有作品插图发表、获奖。曾经参与翻译《王爱红诗选》,独立翻译《王爱红双语诗选》。

Wang Shiyu, born in Shandong and grown up in Beijing, is now studying at Boston University in the United States. Loving painting at teenage, he has published several works and illustrations and some were awarded. He participated in the translation of Selected Poems of Wang Aihong and independently translated Selected Bilingual Poems of Wang Aihong.


Watching Fish at Baotu Spring

泉源上奋 水涌若轮 如果不来趵突泉看一看 就不要说你来过济南 就像你来过趵突泉 但没有发现趵突泉里的鱼 也属枉然 如果说鱼儿是会飞的鸟 那么这水就是鱼的天 自由是属于鱼儿的水中芭蕾 宛若芙蓉仙子 又一次高高地跃出了水面 可以生活在空气里 可以游弋在透明的玻璃中 我赞叹清水中的鱼 我更赞叹这清水 这清水中的鱼 像水一样清澈 像水一样多 泉水咕嘟 声如隐雷 如果你来过趵突泉 但没有发现趵突泉里的鱼 也羞于说来过济南 那么 你只道是游客 像归来燕也会蜻蜓点水 从这里掠过 用一把剪刀 把这段思想的胶片 咔吧一声剪断


Fountainhead The water flows like a wheel If you don't come to Baotu Spring, Don't say you've been to Jinan Like you have been to Baotu Spring But no fish in Baotu Spring Also in vain If a fish is a flying bird Then this water is the sky of fish Freedom is the water ballet belonging to fish Like a hibiscus fairy Jumped out of the water again They can live in the air They can cruise in transparent glass I admire the fish in the clear water I admire the clear water even more Fish in this clear water As clear as water As much as water Gushing spring water Sound like thunder If you have been to Baotu Spring But no fish in Baotu Spring You are ashamed to say that you have been to Jinan Then You are only a tourist Like the returning swallow Pass here Use a pair of scissors Take a film of this thought Cut it with a click


Summer Cicada

一只蝉 在我家的纱窗上 鸣叫 像是引领一首歌 一首高亢的夏蝉大合唱 她面对着我 是为我而歌 作为听众,我骄傲 为全世界 为一个季节 如果是观众,还有你 你看,她就像一个音符 点缀在风的五线谱上 我靠近她 本想看一看 与家乡的那种无法拼写 又羞于称谓的蝉 是不是有所不同 有所改变 戏弄琴弦 隔着一扇玻璃 我轻叩门扉 她戛然而止 如同止于秋末 但并不觉得好奇 不知道什么时候 她倏忽飞走了 我知道她去向何方 打开窗子 我看见一张细细的网 扬起一千只手 蝉鸣如沸


A cicada On my screen window tweet Like leading a song A high-pitched Xia Chan chorus She faces me Sing for me As a listener, I am proud For the world For a season If it is an audience, and you You see, she is like a musical note Embellished on the wind's staff I'm close to her Wanted to have a look Can't spell with the hometown The cicada ashamed of the title Is it different Changed Tease the strings Separated by a pane of glass I knocked on the door She stopped abruptly As if it ended at the end of autumn But not curious do not know when She flew away suddenly I know where she is going Open the window I saw a thin net Raise a thousand hands Cicadas cry like boiling

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