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Wang Guilin


Born in 1962 at Yimengshan Mountain of Shandong Province, Wang Guilin began writing in 1980s. He has won the 4th Long Poem Prize, the 2nd Boao International Poetry Prize, the 1st Seoul International Poetry Prize and the 2021 Bangladesh Sahitto International Poetry Prize. He attended the Satu Mare International Poetry Festival in Romania and the Havana International Poetry Festival in Cuba. He has published several books of poetry.


Qi Fengyan


A master of English Linguistics & Literature, Qi Fengyan was born in Kangping, Liaoning province. She is the Vice Director of the Poetry Education Center of the Olympic Cup Contests. She is a member of the Writers' Association of Liaoning Province, a member of the Chinese Poetry Society, and a director of the Bai Jvyi Poetry Research Society. She is the chief translator of the International Bilingual Publication Project of Chinese Poetry Series and the Chinese Children's Poetry Project. She is also the chief translator of Chinese Poetry. She is a guest editor of The Rendition of International Poetry. She has won the Second Prize of the 2018 China Prose Annual Conference, and the 2019 Western Prose Association Critic Award.


A Bench

我说有这样一条长椅已足够 有太阳照在这条长椅上已足够 有带盐味的风从海上吹来 吹这条长椅和坐在长椅上的我 已足够—— 我不需要什么道路 我走过的所有道路都使我疲倦 也不需要什么未来 呵呵,生命的未来啊 一想到这两个字…… 就看到远处的轮船隆隆驶过 冲浪者,一会儿旋上浪尖 一会儿又跌入浪谷 我钟情晚年的平静如少年钟情激越 一条长椅可以坐一下午 一条长椅也可以坐完余生


I say it is sufficient that I have such a bench. It is sufficient that the sun shines on the bench. A salty wind from the sea blows The bench and me who is sitting on it. It is sufficient. I do not need any road. All the roads I have traveled tired me. Nor do I need any future. Ho, the future of life. Upon thinking of it, I see ships in the distance rumble past, Surfers, at one minute, rush up revolving on the top of waves, At another minute, fall between them. I love the calm of the old age as I love the excitement of the youth. On a bench, I can sit for the whole afternoon. On a bench, I can sit for the rest of the life.

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