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Yang Guang


Yang Guang, originally Yang Guange who was born in 1970s, is a poet and reviewer. He is the author of The Death of Love and The city Chicken- Man. He won many prizes including The Research and Discovery of Chinese Poems, one of The Best Ten Poets, The Reviewer of the First Chinese Han Poem, the Modern Poet and the International Poet of Short Poems in 2011.


Diana (Zhao Fang)


Diana (ZhaoFang) graduated from the English Department of Yunnan Nationalities University. She works as an English teacher in a middle school


Invite the Ants Home

几只小蚂蚁扛着一粒面包屑 在客厅的墙脚急急赶路 我伸出大拇指 朝他们狠狠地摁下去 如同大象抬起脚 朝一只怀孕的老鼠重重地踩下去 瞬间碎裂的尖叫四处迸溅 几只小蚂蚁 在我的臆想中逃过一劫 他们向我恭恭敬敬地 献上一粒面包屑 (或许是仓惶中扔给我面包屑) 然后在一张卫生纸上 延着《普庵咒》旋律的指引 回到山林草地


Some little ants were carrying a crumb of bread Hurrying along at the foot of the living room I held out my thumb Press it down hard on them Like an elephant lifting its foot Step heavily on a pregnant rat Instantly cracked screams splashed everywhere A few little ants Escaped from my imagination They respectfully addressed me Offer a crumb of bread (Maybe they threw me bread crumbs in a hurry) Then on a piece of tissue Guided by the melody of Pu'an Mantra Back to the mountains and grasslands

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