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Brent Yan


Brent Yan, aka Yan Haifeng, is a poet and translator holding such posts as vice president of East-West Association of Artists, guest editor of Rendition of International Poetry, English editor-in-chief of European Poets, etc. He has published two collections of his poems: A Page of Rill and Hill and Cruel Moon, and more than 30 translated works from Chinese or English. He is the general editor of The Orient-Occident Lit Collection. He was awarded the translation prize of the 4th Chinese Contemporary Poetry Award in 2016, among many other awards.


Brent Yan


To the Cloud of Wushan

把一百年 用理智割成两半 一半用于嘲笑月光的意义 一半用于心疼月光的短暂 黑夜只是挤出一条狰狞的笑 吐出混沌的狼烟 让星图变得捉摸不定 那闪亮的白牙也消失不见 一直陷进黑夜的黑 像雪盲于白天的白 不分究竟,只为心撕裂 在对你的迷恋


To cut a hundred years Into two parts with reason One part mocking at the meaning of the moonlight The other bleeding for the transience of the moonlight But the night just squeezes a grim smile And throws up a fog blurring the sight Then the star map is made unfathomable Gone too is the white tooth that once shone bright All the way into the darkness of the dark night Is like turning snow-blind in the white of daylight I cannot tell, as my heart is already torn For my obsession with you tonight

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