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Yi Lin


Yi Lin, member of the Chinese poetry society. Her works can be found in Poetry Journal, Poetry Anthology, Anhui Literature and others. She won the excellence award of the fourth Ordos poetry Nadam national modern poetry competition in 2019. Won the second prize of the second national poetry competition of Hubei poetry in 2020.


Fan Jun


Fan Jun was born in Fujian Province. She is a poet and a translator. Engaged in English teaching, multilingual literature translation and research. She has translated Nietzsche's Essays and Records of White Night, and a series of poetry works. She lives in Qingdao.


The Philosophy of Water

水落进在水里,女人身体里的一滴 涌在岸上,无意间化成 森林里的湖泊,孔雀翅膀上的眼睛 光和光影间交织的蓝色喧哗 水哦!女人的身体 身体里的大海,船一停泊 即刻温柔成爱人怀里的春天 在无人指认的现场,命名为火 欢乐的早晨醒来 光在光中,我生出了我 水的哲学 时光中轮回的存在和消逝


Water falls into the water, a drop from the woman's body That drop of water gushes on the shore and unintentionally turns into The lake in the forest, the eye on the peacock's wing The blue clamor intertwines between light and shade Water! The body of a woman The sea in the body. That boat immediately and tenderly turns into the spring in the arms of the lover as soon as it docks In the unidentified scene, named as fire Waking up in the morning of joy Light in the light, I give birth to me The philosophy of water The existence and passing of reincarnation in time

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