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Yves, poet, writer. He began to publish at the age of 16. He has worked as editor, reporter and producer for newspapers and TV stations. His works appeared in Poetry Periodical, Cao Tang and many other journals and a number of important anthologies. He has published two literary monographs Living Space and Dark. Dark was on the shelves of bookstores in Malaysia. He is the editor-in-chief of Selected Poems of Chinese Poets (Taiwan edition). He was invited to attend the Thai world Chinese literature conference, the Hong Kong literature exchange, the third China Ewha poetry festival, the international peak forum on landscape poetry, and the second poetry society for youth. In 2017, he was awarded the international Chinese poetry prize by Ministry of Culture of Thailand.


Xu Jiangang


Xu Jiangang, AKA, Old Captain of Three Gorges, born in January, 1961, in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia. He is a Professor of British and American Literature and a Graduate Advisor at Three Gorges University. He has published one book of translation and three books of poetry, including An Old Song —— Poems by Xu Jiangang, Songs of Sad Songs - Poems of Xu Jiangang, and The Captain's Aria.



父亲走了以后 地也没了 可是,母亲还是念念不忘 种地 她每天都拿着一把小铁锹 去前庭后院的空地上 去松一松泥土 她不期待土地能长出多少果实 那把小铁锹 曾是父亲劳作的工具 握着它,就像握着父亲的手 生死相依


After my father left That piece of field was gone also However, mother still never forgets to till the land Every day she holds a small spade and Goes to the open space in the front backyard to Remove the soil She doesn't expect much fruit to grow from the land The little spade used to a tool of father's work Holding it is like holding father's hand together with sb. in life and death

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