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Zhang Wenjie


Zhang Wenjie, born in 1960s in Xiantao, Hubei Province, is a representative poet of regional writing in Jianghan Plain. The poems are scattered in Shikan (Poetry Journal), Shixuankan (Selected Poetry Journal), Xingxing (Stars Journal) and other publications at home and abroad. He won many National Poetry awards, such as the 2016 outstanding poet award in Shixuankan (Selected Poetry Journal). Some poems have been translated and introduced abroad . He punished collections of poetry Sound of Wind and Youth and Blaze.


Liu Yuqin


Liu Yuqin, Poet, born in Xiantao, Hubei Province, China. He has published a book of poetry Lotus Language.


I Am A Fish Breathing Deeply In The City

在拥挤的人群 我不过是一块肉质的楔子 作为闹市的隐者 看车辆穿梭,云朵逗留 在楼宇间绕来绕去 幻想游进广场的雕塑 狂风暴雨中,寻找走失的水源 跟随露珠体验朝朝暮暮 我的胆存储着过往的苦味 鳞片有过硬的钙质 钢筋水泥不断降低我身体的敏感度 夜晚的暗礁太多 我不是鱼雷 没有爆破之念 一座城市应该有它柔弱的韧带 音乐是我潜行的波浪,噪音也是 我习惯从高处跌落,习惯飞溅 要定格也等死亡来定格 虽然没有保存静止的照片 我也要为所见的一切保护好眼睛 城里的月光已悄悄在我体内 注入磁铁的元素 完全接纳一个原乡的异类 我陷入的并不是太深 像树,更像柔软的钉子 楔入城市的心脏 又轻易可以拔出


In crowd I'm just a fleshy wedge As a recluse in the busy streets See the vehicles shuttle and the clouds linger Walking around buildings I am fantasy to swim into sculptures of the square Looking for the lost headwaters in the furious storm Follow the dew to experience the day and night My cholecyst stores the bitterness of the past The scale covers with hard calcareous Reinforced concrete keeps reducing the sensitivity of my body There are too many reefs at night I'm not a torpedo No idea for blasting A city should have its weak ligaments Music is my sneaking wave, so noise is I am used to falling and splashing If to freeze, to wait for death to freeze only Although still photos are not saved I also want to keep my eyes well for everything I see The moonlight in the city has injected the element of magnet to my body quietly Fully ccepted an outcast of a native land I did not fall into deeply Like a tree, more like a soft nail Wedging into the heart of the city but easy to pull out

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