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Zhou Daomo

周道模,教师,在国内外文学报刊发表汉语、英语和翻译作品。 出版汉语诗集两部、汉英双语诗集两部、自印汉语诗集一部。曾获国内外诗歌奖。主编汉英版《2018世界诗选》。多次应邀参加世界诗人大会和国际诗歌节。中国诗歌学会会员、四川省作协会员、覃子豪研究会会长、《覃子豪诗刊》主编。

Zhou Daomo is the author of two Chinese poetry collections, two Chinese English bilingual poetry collections and one self-printed Chinese poetry collection. He won poetry awards in China and abroad. He is the Editor in Chief of 2018 Selected World Poems in Chinese and English. He was invited to attend the World Poets' Congress and the International Poetry Festival. He is now a lifelong member of the World Poets' Congress and editor-in-chief of the Qin Zihao Poetry Journal.


Zhou Daomo


Facing Leshan Giant Buddha

静静地,和你目光交汇 江水在我们的目光下流淌…… 突然,你激动, 站了起来 挣脱山岩,引起微微的地震 你的头,顶着我心中的祥云 你的脸,露出我梦中的笑意 你是否要迈步走向西方 去会见佛陀释迦穆尼 你是否要走回唐朝 去面谢你的师傅海通法师 你是否要去传佛天下 让万物轮回,让地球平安运行 啊!你向我走来,和我拥抱 我融入你辽阔孤寂的心境 你,终于,平静地 坐回原地 在我们的目光桥下 时间流淌着人间的禅意……


Quietly, I meet your eyesight The river water flowing under our eyesights Suddenly, you're excited and stand up Breaking free of the rocks, causing a slight earthquake Your head, against the auspicious clouds in my heart Your face, showing the smile of my dream Are you going to take a step towards the West? to meet Buddha Sakyamuni Are you going back to the Tang Dynasty? to thank your master, Master Haitong Are you going to preach Buddhism to the world? Let all things reincarnate, let the earth run safely Ah! You come to me and embrace me I blend into your vast loneliness You, finally, calmly sit back in place Under the Bridge of Our Eyes Time is flowing with the Zen of the world...

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