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Zi Kong


Zikong, lives in Yunnan Province. He has published a book of poetry A Bird or a Man's Night.


Fan Jun


Poet and translator. Engaged in poetry writing, literary translation and research. Translations include Nietzsche's Essays and A New School of Women's Poetry, Or Birth.


Talking to Myself

如果你怕水,请略高于水 如果你恐高,请略低于高 就像我的身体,不允许我 忽然抬头仰望。或者低头太久 一个人的颈椎和腰椎控制了仰望 也控制了低头的程度 肉体不是突然坍塌的,而是防洪大坝渗水 直到乌鸦看见了骨头,自己才恍然大悟 甚至来不及吸最后一口气 灵魂就像点燃的酒精。秘密始终在深处 我们看见的忧伤,是流水裸露的忧伤


If you are afraid of water, go slightly above it If you are afraid of heights, please be slightly lower than heights Just like my body, which does not allow me to to look up suddenly. Or to keep my head down for too long One's cervical and lumbar vertebrae control looking up And also controls how low the head can go The flesh does not suddenly collapse, but the flood control dam seeps It's not until the crow sees the bones that it dawns on itself Not even in time to take a last breath The soul is like ignited alcohol. The secret is always in the depths The sorrow we see is the sorrow of running water laid bare

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