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Anna Yin

星子,英文名Anna Yin。出生于中国湖南。毕业于南京大学电脑系。99年移民加拿大。有20多首中英文诗歌、散文发表于北美报刊和杂志。加拿大诗人联盟成员,安大略诗人协会成员,加拿大华语诗人协会理事。

Anna Yin,born in Hunan, China. She graduated from NanJing University and immigrated to Canada in 1999. She has published a number of poems on Northern American newspapers. She is a member of Canadian Federation of Poets, Ontario Poetry Society and Canadian Chinese Poets Association.


Anna Yin


Late Night

今晚这只猫一直蹲在角落, 它哪也不去。 微眯的眼睛让我不安。 粉色衣裙褪了一半, 肤色如雪,镜子里的 蒙娜丽莎笑了笑 突然有点迟疑。 转过身,再转, 慢慢停住, 墙角一只蜘蛛, 悠然地蚕食 落网的虫子。


The cat huddles in a corner, tonight he wouldn’t go anywhere, his half-open eyes make me nervous. My pink dress is half off, skin shines like snow. Mona Lisa in the mirror smiles, I suddenly hesitate. Turn around, and turn again, I slowly stop. A spider on the wall, enjoys a trapped moth.


The Girl in a Mirror

看着我, 衣鲜光洁, 十年了, 或更远。 沉默, 风打这经过。 另一个秋天, 影子更长, 我的骨头 长满青苔, 覆盖裸露的皮肤。


Watching me, smart in suits, ten years long or longer... no remarks, the wind passes by. Another autumn, shadows turn long, my bones grow lichens covers naked skin.

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