Poetry Sky 10th Anniversary

主编绿音致词 (Yidan Han's Speech For The 10th Anniversary Of Poetry Sky)
编辑Kyle David Anderson博士致词 (Dr. Kyle David Anderson's Speech)
诗歌界人士贺词 (Congratulations From Chinese And American Poetry Circles)



A Piece of Light Blue Transparency
—For The 10th Anniversary Of Poetry Sky

by Yidan Han

        I once wrote: 'The loneliness of the bird/Happens to meet /my loneliness, Like shadows meeting shadows/They touch each other/ appreciate each other'… This is how I meet poetry. These are the encounters I understand.

        Today when I read poems Yeats wrote over 100 years ago, I am still moved. A good poem will never lose its power over time. The spiritual fragrance of poetry is timeless, a fragrance that comes from the soul of the poet.

        I see the soul as a mirror reflecting the real world, and language is the light reflected by the mirror. Poetry is the form of that language. For poets, the sun is different every day, and every day is a new inspiration. In the dim light, we wander and think, looking forward to encounter poetry unexpectedly.

        Ten years ago to the day, we started our fantastic journey of the mind from a piece of blue: Poetry Sky, 'a sky without borders.' Ten years later, I am still here, standing within a piece of light blue transparency, joined now by other poets, our hearts radiating light and warmth. Across distances near and far, our shadows quietly fuse.

        As the founder and editor-in-chief of Poetry Sky, I am very honored to have the opportunity to read the fine works of our contributors and to work with our editors. I am proud to be your friend.

        I must acknowledge here the vital contributions of all of our contributors, translators and editors whose dedication and professionalism have made Poetry Sky into a distinguished publication; We also acknowledge the Yale University Library, Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center, Leiden University Library, University of Hong Kong Library and all other libraries and academic organizations that have aided our efforts to introduce Poetry Sky to a wider audience. I also remain grateful to the Providence Journal, China News Agency and many other media outlets for encouraging more poets and readers to participate in our publication.

        Let us continue to embrace the blue together and expand its borders indefinitely! A warm thank you to all!

                                                                                                                                 Feb 15, 2015
                                                                                                                                 New Hampshire, U.S.


绿音(Yidan Han)









编辑Kyle David Anderson博士贺词


Eternal Return
—For The 10th Anniversary Of Poetry Sky

by Kyle David Anderson

        A poem is a blossom drawing in the heart's gaze, asking us to reconsider the paths we daily walk.

        A poem is a swallow cutting away from the eye, demanding we remeasure the boundless sky.

        Poetry enriches life, but not only—it beautifies nature itself. The miracle encounters we experience as writers and readers add to the bounty of the nature we enjoy and worship. For ten years, Poetry Sky has filled our fields with blossoms and our heavens with birds. And they will continue to return in season. Words growing from the soil. Flocks arriving from the north and the east.

        I began my time with Poetry Sky as an editor five years ago, and through the power of friends' verses have been deeply touched, enough to set me on the path of writing myself. The power of words is great. May they continue to flow from us indefinitely, filling the world and each others' lives.

        Thank you to you all for your contributions over the years. We eagerly await your words in the eternal return of seasons.

                                                                    (Professor Kyle David Anderson is Chair of Asian Studies, Centre College)



        I warmly congratulate the 10th anniversary of the founding of Poetry Sky! It is a sparkling rainbow,and a magnificent bridge across the Chinese and American poetry fields!


            ——Ziqing Zhang Professor of Nanjing University
                张子清 南京大学教授

            ——夏菁 美国科罗拉多大学教授
                Hsia Ching Professor Emeritus of Colorado State University

            ——谢冕 北京大学教授
                Xie Mian Professor of Beijing University

        When Yidan Han first introduced me to Poetry Sky it opened my eyes to a wonderfully wide expanse of exciting new poetry; that this has continued for a decade speaks truly to its love and honor to poets, poetry, and those of us who need poetry; we're lucky Poetry Sky has been in our lives and we hope to see it go on and thrive.
                     —Dara Wier Professor of The University of Massachusetts

        Congratulations, PoetrySky, keep up the important work you've been doing.
                     —James Tate (Professor, winner of the Pulitzer Prizes for poetry)

        A decade is a miniscule time span in China's long literary history. At the same time, ten years is a wondrous achievement for the genuinely cross-cultural adventure embodied by Poetry Sky. Han Yidan and her fellow editors and translators have opened a fresh window for the imagination in our fractured and fractious world. Each issue, each poem sparkles with vision derived from different arts and histories. Suddenly, words speak to each across the gap of culture and time. Suddenly, the possibility of understanding the heart-mind of another person becomes a living reality. Imagine what may yet be accomplished in the decade that lies ahead! Poetry cannot heal the wound of the world. It does, however, make them bearable through sheer beauty and skill. Look up, look into Poetry Sky and find yourself in the company.
                     —Vera Schwarcz Freeman Professor of East Asian Studies at Wesleyan University

        Congratulations to Yidan Han & Poetry Sky on its tenth anniversary. That's an amazingly long run for a poetry journal, whether online or hard copy. Here's hoping it continues to publish fine work and to help bridge the gap between two cultures. The fact of Poetry Sky's longevity proves that poetry truly is universal, no matter what language it is written or read in.
                     —Tom Chandler Poet Laureate of Rhode Island Emeritus

        Excuse Me While I Kiss Poetry Sky.
                     —Forrest Gander Professor of Brown University,Pulitzer Prizes Finalist 2012

            ——梁元 寄自美国加州

            ——昌群 寄自山东青岛

        Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Poetry Sky
        I enjoy translating poems. It fills with me with joy when I am in touch with the feel, the rhythm, and the spirit of the author, and able to convey it in another language within another culture. Poetry Sky provides a beautiful bilingual platform for which I am sure many poem lovers are grateful.
        Yidan has poured a lot of energy into Poetry Sky for the last 10 years. In addition to her toil in the selection of poems, she is keen on the design aspect of Poetry Sky. Do you see the cover photo of each issue? I have always been taken by the artistic touch and the feel of poetry in the pictures. They were all taken by Yidan with tender loving care.
        Congratulations, Yidan, for the 10th anniversary of Poetry Sky.
                     —T. C. Lee (from California, U.S.)

        As a poet and translator, I literally grew up with Poetry Sky. She took my work and gave it a warm house when there was nowhere else to go. During these ten years, she has been the welcoming hostess for many who are searching for an oasis, a resting place, a glimmer of beauty beyond world's horizon.
                     —Peter Feng Professor of Jinan University
                        冯冬 暨南大学教授

            ——谢茜 美国密执安大学中文教授
                Xie Qian Professor of University of Michigan

            ——喻麗清 (寄自美国加州)

            ——苏建斌 寄自中国

            ——星子安娜 寄自加拿大

            ——西蜀何均 寄自中国

    《诗天空》是一个充满诗意的,灵性的诗网刊。 我祝福它在诗的王国,越来越美丽!
            ——森道哈達 蒙古國立大學教授
                Hadaa Sendoo Professor of National University of Mongolia

            ——华卫 寄自中国

        A poet wakes up every day with his transparent inspiration; like spectrum reflecting its multi-light and creating a multicolored internal world. And I hope such light will illuminate Poetry Sky over 10th Anniversary to 10th Anniversary.

    詩人每天帶著透明的靈感起床,像一面三菱鏡折射出繽紛的光, 創造出一個色彩繽紛的內在世界。而我希望此種光普照著《詩天空》跨越過十周年又十周年......

            ——Chiumeng from Vietnam
                秋夢 寄自越南

            ——庄伟杰 华侨大学教授、研究生导师
                Weijie Zhuang Professor of Huaqiao University

Posted 02/15/2015

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