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诗天空十五周年庆典   Poetry Sky 15th Anniversary




Poetry Sky Summer 2022







A Sky without Borders

— For the Launch of PoetrySky

        At the end of 2004, the ground is filled with the smell of death.  The globe is suffering and trembling.  And the sky of poetry still regards all moral beings with its generous mercy.

        As poets, we continue our conversations with departed spirits, continue to write our poetry, continue on the dark or bright journeys of the heart.

        As we know, besides poetry, what we leave the world includes our enthusiasm and craziness, our gentleness and dreams, our love and suffering.

        The world is rotating.  From moment to moment, we find that the sky keeps changing. The soft clouds we touch soon dissipate.

        Let us plant a rose as Yeats once planted.  Let it bloom.

        Let us reach out our hands to catch a falling leaf and write our verses on it.

        Let us send our verses in pursuit of clouds lit up by dusk before they fall into night.  Let all sunsets merge into our blood.

        Now I stand here, a piece of light blue transparency.  The sky I see is a sky without borders.  The sky that we own—the sky of poetry.  Let us fly together.

                                                Yidan Han

                                                Founder and Editor-In-Chief















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